Lets make art great again

Lets make art great again

Artwork and story by Patryk Woloch

Hi! So my name is Patryk and I’m from Poland but I lived in England since I was 6, I’ve always been drawing but only recently I have found out that I’ve been doing it wrong, and honestly, it made me fall in love with art again. Now I view art as a new way of communicating concepts and interpretations, as a recently enrolled University student art also helps me with coping and transmuting my emotions into something beautiful.

My main goal to learn in art is to draw completely from my imagination, I want to be able to draw anything that I imagine exactly like I image it, I have so many incredible ideas but my skill limits my abilities to turn these ideas into fruition. Another challenge I have is rendering smooth shadows to make them look realistic, my shadows currently have this edgy look, you can see pencil strokes and all the little marks which are jarring.

The free drawing art academy videos actually helped Me a ton with improving my art, it gave me the necessary first steps to achieve my goals and I wish I could continue on this path.

I want to win the Drawing Academy course because I have big plans for the future, and increasing my drawing skills would help me greatly in making these plans come true. I want to create a community in which people value art and truly realise the mastery and level of skill that artists have, art in the west is viewed like the unpopular kid in school by the masses and I want to change that.

People should vote for me because I’m using the skills that I’ll learn in this course for a bigger cause.

Much love

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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