Is it too late?

Is it too late?

Artwork and questions from Lois


I’m Lois. I have been on the planet for nearly 66 years now, and for most of those years art was in the background as a fun thing to do, then something to learn about and pursue with intermittent enthusiasm but, mostly it remained in the background. Ballet was my first love and what I ended up “doing” as a career. Now I am a ballet teacher in Tucson, Az.

I have attended art classes privately and in several workshops and open studios and my father was a sculptor who encouraged in me a great interest in sculpture. I think because “once a dancer always a dancer” figurative work has always captured my attention the most.

I have made arrangements to spend a month this coming summer in NYC attending open classes at The Art Students League to ignite a desire in me again and I am trying to prepare for that experience by starting over, but I am having trouble with beginning yet again. Is it too late for me?

This is the last piece I attempted. It was discarded before it was finished. Obviously.

I feel I need help, and am hoping for guidance from the tutors at the Life Drawing Academy. How does the Correspondence Course work please?


Feedback from Vladimir London, Art tutor

Dear Lois,

Thank you very much for your wonderful artwork.

It is never too late to express what you feel though art. True artists never stop learning. One of the best fine artists ever lived, Michelangelo Buonarroti once said: “I’m still learning”. If he was a lifetime student, who are we to say that it is too late?

It is great that you have burning desire to create art. When student is ready, a tutor will appear.

Thank you for asking about the Life Drawing Academy Correspondence Course.

Arguably, this is the best drawing course available today on the Internet. You won’t get the same service at any art college or any other online course. If you know any better, let me know.

Here’s how it works. To begin with, your current drawing skills will be assessed and you will get a custom-designed curriculum tailored to your level of skills.

This course is perfectly suitable for complete beginners and advanced artists because every student gets an individual curriculum that takes into account the skills you already have and the things you would like to learn.

Your curriculum will include 100 drawing tasks on all topics you need to improve and want to discover. If you are interested in creating portraits and figurative artworks, make landscape and still-life drawings, your curriculum will include it all.

Every task will be explained and demonstrated in depth. You will get special models to make at home and draw from life. You will receive constructive critique on every artwork you make and advice in how to improve. Academy tutors will walk you step-by-step until you achieve the advanced level of drawing skills.

There are no deadlines, you can study at your own pace. If you only have one hour per week, it will be enough to get going. Your Life Drawing Academy membership will be for a lifetime. If you need more time on some topic, you can take as much as you need.

All correspondence will be in writing. There will be a lot to take in. Having our guidance in writing is much better than to hear it once. You will be able to re-check instructions and critique letters if needed. You will have all that was said as long as you keep our emails, documents and illustrations.

Every student is different. Some learn better when going slowly point by point of written instructions, others need illustrations for every step, some understand when see how it is done in videos. You will get it all – written instructions, steps-by-step illustrations and video lessons to learn from.

There is no way to fail. Every drawing tasks will be given after you make the previous one with the required quality. If you need more attempts to go though some task that is difficult for you, we will do all it takes for you to complete this task. If you need an instruction of how to draw just one line, you will get it. As long as you follow what we say and show, you will get from task to task until you reach the advanced level of drawing skills.

In addition to unlimited personal tutoring, you will also get a lifetime access to all 52 Life Drawing Academy video lessons.

Nowhere else you would get the same one-to-one personal tutoring for as long as you need it for a one-time low fee. No art college would ever be able to offer you the same deal.

Here’s the link to enroll:

I wish you all creative success you deserve.

Kind regards,

Vladimir London
Art tutor

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  1. Marla Yermack says:

    It is never to late, you go for it. Age is only in the mind. Look to all the wonderful artists who were so much beyond in the years who had the most beautiful things to offer the world

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