I still consider myself a beginner

I still consider myself a beginner

Story and drawing from Carl Henken

I am an amateur artist recently retired. I have been painting on and off over the past several years. I really would like to improve my drawing skills thus far I usually use a grid to get my drawing on paper. I would love to be able to draw freehand without the grid.

I can draw but I’m aware I could do so much more if I had some help. I’ve always been creative and had very strong desire to learn to draw. I tried studying drawing myself, I bought books and realised they didn’t work for me. I either felt my skills weren’t enough or the simplicity of the first assignments felt too easy/boring. Studying alone was definitely challenging.

Finally I had the courage to take some courses after work. Even though I would get critique for my drawings, teaching the basic methods was very superficial few minutes introductions. I assumed everyone else already knew them (for instance studying perspective wasn’t included). All of this was very frustrating and left me feeling some people just have the eye for seeing things differently. Lately I have been watching youtube videos but it feels copying someone’s work doesn’t give me the skills I’m missing. I still consider myself a beginner.

After watching Drawing Academy videos I found out someone is teaching the fundamentals I was searching for already years ago! Vladimir’s article on drawing by copying photos was a real eye opener since so far I thought it was the ok way to learn. I also understood it takes a lot more effort than I had thought. It’s obvious that this course is so much more than the ones I attended.

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