Bringing Lines to Life

Bringing Lines to Life

Story and artwork from James L Foster

I am James L. Foster and married to my partner for life, best friend and supporter, Patricia.

Self taught, I have always had a fascination with facial expressions and capturing those thoughts via graphite or oils. Many times I found it difficult to let a piece go after becoming attached in the creation process. Although I will always be a painter, drawing has always been a passion and continues to be my focal point in art.

The drawing Academy can be pivotal in for an inspired new artist or an experienced artist to give a better or stronger foundation to their art, which is exactly why I have chosen to enter this contest.

When someone votes for you, your art must carry substance, relevance and emotion for the person voting on your art. How they perceive the art is what I would hope that I intended. If so, then I have earned that vote.

Art is a representation of humanity and an expression of what we as artists interpret it to be. We have been blessed and cursed with the gift of bringing lines to life, to create from a tree that stems from our minds and hearts, connecting the branch of our sight to our hands and a blank sub-straight that will soon begin to breathe. We watch it grow and develop with great anticipation of becoming our masterpiece. Before the lead meets the paper; the study, the perception and the commitment, become the means by which the art reaches identity. Without these, the work is incomplete and carries no meaning nor value. Art must reflect who we are by substance and relevance, otherwise, it is lost among those by which there is none.

James L Foster – June 2010

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