The Lady Unknown

The Lady Unknown

Story and artwork from Onur Fidan

Hello. I’m Onur Fidan from Turkey. I’ve always had desire for art since I was a child. Art is like a gate of another world for me. I can reach my dreams and desires by art. I’ve been drawing since I was a little child. But unfortunately, I can’t draw such well sometimes. I can’t draw as i want how it should be. Because I haven’t got art education. If I have a chance to make drawings what I dream, it would be possible by “”. But unfortunately I can’t pay for the course due to the fact that I’m unemployed now. For this competition, I wanted to share my favorite drawing “The Lady Unknown”. I’ve came across with a picture on Pinterest months ago. And I wanted to draw that Lady. But I didn’t expect that I could draw such well. I mean it’s not such a good drawing by comparing with the other drawings made by great artist’. But for me it was a big step when i look at my previous drawings. But the thing is I have never seen the original picture after I drew. For that reason, I call this drawing “The Lady Unknown”. And to follow my dreams, I would be so glad if you vote for me.

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