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I like to do pretty things!

I like to do pretty things

Artwork by Edgard Nogueira

I am a humble artist from Brazil, I like to draw comics, cartoons, happy and colorful stuff, and I love oil painting! I just like to make the world a beautiful place, one painting at a time. Art is a way to tell something to the world through my eyes, a way to say “Hey, this is how I this thing would look if it had more colors!”. I just love art, man.

As more as I love to do art, sometimes I end up being stuck in some challenges (perspectives, the right combination of colors, composition, etc), and that really makes me angry. All I’ve learned until today I learned by myself, so it would be nice to learn from real experts, interact with tutors, and improve my art! Here where I live, art courses are reeeealy expensive, and unless you want to be able to only paint trees and rural landscapes, you really don’t have many options here.

I want to learn, to be a great artist, share my art and my vision to the world, make people smile when they see my paintings, make them laugh, make their days better, at least a little bit. And this course is the perfect way for me to learn how to do so.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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