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The eye of the Tiger

The eye of the Tiger

Artwork by Ginny Crager

I am a self-taught artist even though I taught art in the High School for a number of years. I was just told guess what you are the Art teacher now! I really struggled for the next 5 years trying to learn the basics of Art so I could teach my students. I always but never dreamed I would have to use these skills loved drawing horses we had on the ranch in Oregon.

Art is everywhere I look, the sky, the hills, the woods I walk in. I love seeing the sky and figuring out what shape the clouds make each day, because I am in the advanced age of my being here on earth. There are not very many more years left for me to learn about art especially about being much more subtle with my colors. I find I am too harsh and dark.

I love the Drawing Academy. I can’t get out much now so this is my resource. I would love to win the course so I could spend quality time trying to become a better artist even in my advanced age. I would love to have people vote for me just because they think I might be worth learning more.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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