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Dream fulfilment

Dream fulfilment

Story and artwork from Joseph O. Mtsor

I am Joseph Orngu Mtsor. I have always been infatuated by artworks – especially pencil works and paintings . I found solace in it from my childhood, it gives me this satisfaction I can’t explain.

Art is a very big word; I will like to restrict its meaning to portraits which is my area of interest.

My major drawback in portrait making is my inability to recreate a picture. Whenever I draw, I find it difficult to get the right tones needed to recreate the reference image. The subject of lightening is also worth mentioning here. I find it difficult to Produce the right highlights on my work. Proportion, even with the aid of grid I most times fail to get the correct proportion of my reference image.

Art holds a prominent position in my life. It will be a theme of Joy to me, if I can make excellent drawings, both with pencil and colours – It has always been my dream. With this aim, I am open to learn anything that will help me overcome the challenges I have listed above.

Drawing Academy is no doubt an excellent place for anybody who is a lover of art to be. With Elite curators who help their members to bring out the best in them, it is definitely a place for an art enthusiasts like me.

Winning this competition will be a big step in fulfilling my dream. It will avail me with the resources and tutors needed for my improvement.

If people are to vote on the basis of the quality of work, I may probably be nowhere close to winning this contest. I want people to see me not as a contender but as someone who is in pursuit of fulfilling his dreams and the Drawing Academy contest as my last means of doing so.

By voting for me, you will be saving a dream.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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