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Donald! You’re gorgeous!

Donald! You're gorgeous!

Story and artwork from Barbara Samson

When I was young, I used to wait for my father‘s shirts to come back from the laundry so I could get the cardboard that came in the folded shirts. I’d draw on those cardboards and tack my art to my wall and even the ceiling. I’m now 75 and have recently begun drawing again. The days disappear while I draw. Sometimes 5 or 6 hours passes before I know it. I am totally engaged. I took a night course last winter run by the local board of education and I realize I really wish to continue training to do portraiture. All the courses available are quite expensive and as a senior on a small pension, they are financially out of my reach. My friend turned me on to your website and I’ve learned quite a bit from your web pages. Thank you so much for that. As I live alone I finally have all the time in the world to draw and learn new skills.

The Drawing Academy has such cohesive classes and programs, I feel my art could progress and flourish under your tutelage. I would like to win the Drawing Academy course because it is the only way I can afford to continue receiving lessons to improve my skills. People should vote for me because I’m very serious about improving my art and this would really be a great gift to me. The drawing below is my Fifth drawing since I began drawing this year.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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