Drawing by Wilfred Hinneh

Drawing by Wilfred Hinneh

Father trying to calm his Daughter down

Hello, l’m Wilfred Hinneh. I went to Dormaa Senior High and graduated as an art student. I have worked in so many field of art and l have an experience in all field, examples are: Fine art,Designing, Leather works, etc.

For so many field of art I have worked at but the one which have take in my life more is the Fine art and its about Portrait drawing.

I have some challenges regarding to my field of art. In my place where to buy art tools and materials are much problem, so I usually buy so from online shop before I can get them and use them. Second one is The peoples in here!, the peoples don’t usually buy works just like others do in different countries only when they told you to do it before you do if for them and some also don’t know how interesting in art so they don’t show much interest in it much. No Museums or Gallery’s in my place where you can visit and study too. No professional artist or No art master in here to visit and study with them.

In art there are so many field in it, so its my greatest vision to study more and more in all the various fields so that I can become a greatest too.

Drawing Academy is a very fine place which usually help to Youth or the young once who wants to learn art and become an artist in the features, sometimes the teacher in drawing academy too much art more understandable to everyone in the academy.

Its my privilege to win the drawing academy course because it can help me a lot in what I’m fighting for in my hole life,Its my arm to become a great artist so its my passion to join any art academy in which I can get the chance to meet great artist and art teachers too and learn from them in the academy, and every academy has an assess to send their students to art Gallery and Museums too which can also help me study old works from old greatest artist too.

I want people to Vote for me so that I can get an assess to join the Drawing Academy so that I can learn and visit Gallery’s and Museums so that my vision in art can archived and come through.
Thank you!

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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    It’s really great.
    Cent percent artist think about happiness in painting. But you think opposite. It’s really rare case

    You really a different artist.
    I love your work

    Go ahead!

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