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Steps to Glory

Steps to Glory

Story and artwork from Abiodun Fagorala

My name is Abi, I Started drawing and painting at an early stage of my life while in Africa. I grown up to find my relevant and purpose in Arts of drawing and painting. my status change when I started traveling out of Nigeria for arts competitions and even representing my country in youth competitions.

Major challenges faces in my Arts is trying to find interested collectors and working as a full-time studio artist to make a good living without other side Jobs.

Life is a school, we never stop learning and drawing. I crave to learn the more about the classic and ancient artworks and more about the new age 3Ds artworks.

I got to know about Drawing Academy through the internet, the Aims and Objectives are great. Put those ideas together to reality tells you that the future of arts in the world is just something you want to be part of, life are going to be changes, images are coming up and the unborn masters are coming through soon.

Winning is a signs of a great success, boost your moral and makes your feels your effort as a passionate artist is never in vain.

My concept are original, I try to create my ideas from imagination first, find reference or takes pictures of what I have in mind and build on it like the My ‘Steps to Glory”. Taking a pictures of myself in the rain with a time self picture Camera. The reflection of my image in the water was conceptualize and was put to a colorful image, making the rain as a symbolical sign of growth after rain for. Stepping forward to greatness and more of the uncertainty of the future in the multiple colors on the floor.

Arts is in the eyes of beholder.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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