Art the passion I live by

Art the passion I live by

Story and artwork from Henry Ikiseh

Right from my childhood, I have always loved the art, but not with a vision to be an artist due to pressure from my dad who wanted me to be an engineer. I was forced to explore the sciences. But all of my quest in the sciences could not hold me back from my passion. In desperation, I sort various artists who could teach me how to draw. I paid a little stipend in return, even though I had no money to pay, I would save up some money from my daily pocket money to pay for their services. Their charges were too expensive for me, so, I stopped and began to practice drawing on my own.

My drawings look static, but I was still happy with my progress. I love comic books! I can still remember back in 1997 how I bought comic books with my Basic Education Certificate, Examination fee, and almost forfeited the examination for that year. If not for the timely intervention of my friend who took pity on me and lent me some money to pay up. Thank God my parent never got to know about it. I pushed myself to the point where I eventually got a Diploma in Painting at Yaba College of Technology, Yaba, Lagos Nigeria in 2010.

Art is my passion, my intellect and a lot revolve around art. My challenges in the art are to master the old master’s techniques of drawing and painting, as these techniques are almost forgotten or barely thought in modern art schools.

Drawing Academy is built on the foundation and vision of these old masters. Winning its course would definitely take my art career to the next phase. I know Drawing Academy will guide me to that phase.
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