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Artwork by Diane Stolz

Artwork by Diane Stolz

The Older, the Better!

I have been doing art for almost 60 years! I never tire of trying to discover more ways to paint and draw. Art (and music, mainly piano) have the highest priorites in my life (especially since my children grew up).

I teach classical piano, which by the way, is a tremendous help in the making of art, look at Felix Mendlessohn, a wonderful watercolorist as well as composer and pianist.

I would like to learn more about “edges” in art, also design. Values and their components also would be great to master and use in my paintings. I paint in pastel and acrylics mostly watercolor is another media I’ve studied and worked in.

I am a member of many art societies and have won Awards in many of these. For example, I won an Award in China this past year from the International Missouri Watercolor Society. That was a great honor for me. I have won awards from The AAPL (American Artist Professional League in NYC and am now a Fellow in that organization.

I like the Drawing Academy because of its classical approach to art, there is so much nonsense in art today, it’s good to find places where classicism reigns! That is mainly the reason I would like to win the Drawing Academy course

People should vote for me because I am serious about my art and the world around me and I like to reflect on its beauty and the way GOD created it!


I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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