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Rupi Sonia Kaur Art

Rupi Sonia Kaur Art

I am a mother of 3 young children and secondary school teacher. I took art to de stress and meditate and found that I really enjoy it as it helps me switch off.

I feel an immense satisfaction and achievement when I finish a piece of art work and I look forward to being able to draw. I never really had time for hobbies as an adult and didn’t have any opportunities for hobbies as a child so discovering art has given me a new direction/passion in life. I find realism appealing and equally challenging.

I have no art education and technical barriers are holding me back. I am particularly interested in realism and portraiture.

I love human faces and trying to draw them. I have been practicing individual features of a face and am currently in the process of putting my first face together.

I have researched many drawing trainers and educators and like the Drawing Academy for its competition which is open to everyone.

I want to win the drawing class solely to be able to learn how to draw and learn technical skills which are holding me back and maybe affecting my confidence.

People should vote for me if they feel they like the type of drawing I do and to support adults who have lesser opportunities to learn hobbies due to family and work commitments.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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