Artwork by Colin Groskopf

Artwork by Colin Groskopf

Centred Centurion

I retired from a career in law enforcement after 36 years of service. When I was recruited my Mother told the recruiting officer during a home interview that I was too sensitive to be a police officer. As a Nurse she was well aware of the dark side of humanity that policing exposes one to and she was not happy about my pursuit of such a life. The recruiting officer told her that what the world needed was police officers with more sensitivity and compassion and it sounded like I was just what he was looking for. So it began, and my Mother was right, but I never quit there were just too many people that needed help.

I always loved photography and art but studied mathematics, science and economics as a student; apparently I was already looking for proof. I did some calligraphy and made signs in school at teacher’s requests.

After my retirement, I went to an Atelier in Toronto but the distance became too much so I stopped, and I miss the people and being surrounded by so many talented, energetic artists. Art consumes me when I draw and I love looking up realizing that time has passed far more than I thought. Getting lost in the work is as rewarding as the finished work for me.

I can draw, or at least I think I can, but I have no clue about painting. I really want to learn to paint and to create something that evokes emotion and inspires. I am admittedly drawn to Realism, I think it’s the mathematician/scientist in me that enjoys capturing nature as it appears that appeals to me. I find the notion of exploring the medium of paint both intimidating and exhilarating. I would just like the opportunity to receive the requisite instruction to fulfill my dream.

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