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Artwork by Charles Gilliam

Artwork by Charles Gilliam

Always striving to grow as an artist

My name is Charles “Chuck” Gilliam. I am an artist currently living in American Fork, Utah, having moved to Utah from Texas. Born into a military family has offered me an opportunity to travel and see much of this country. These travels afforded me a great source of materials on which I have based my illustrative works. Having three children of my own, has only added to my resources for painting. Plus, many years of working as a professional illustrator and graphic designer, I have found himself in a position of determining images to tell a story.

Most of my work is western based with paintings of cowboys and cowgirls, horses and other animals found in the West. What sets my work apart from others is that my main concentration is using color pencil as my painting medium. My hope is that each painting I do helps to bring the viewer’s own story to life – as they look at my work, they write their own story.

• Drawing
• Painting
• Designing
• Writing
• Teaching

All of these and more make up my life. Moving forward with my work, expanding my world; looking for new ideas for paintings or writings. Inspiration and creativity drive me on.

Inspiration comes from searching and pondering. How can I use what I see to create a painting or to tell a story? The insight that comes opens up a whole realm of possibilities.

Constantly searching for inspiration in the West. Always looking for a story to tell in words and in paintings. Such is the goal!

Always looking for ways to share my art, whether it is through art shows or artist’s gatherings. Sharing is one great way to learn.

An artist is one who has learned a craft and developed the skill to exhibit it!
J. Ray Doyle

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