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Art of Old, Old Master Traditions

Art of Old, Old Master Traditions

Story and artwork from David N. Corrado

I am an artist from northeast Pennsylvania. At a young age my grandfather introduced me to the art of drawing and painting. My goal is to create inspiring works that could be enjoyed for generations to come.

Whenever I work on something I try to remember: The great masters of the past felt that the highest triumph an artist can achieve is the perfect reproduction of the subject represented, along with a deep passion of poetic feeling and beauty, ideal and superior in quality and craftsmanship.

My challenges in art are that of staying active. I suffer from chronic fatigue, so keeping busy can be difficult. I get overwhelmed when I see the amount of good quality work done by so many artists online. I hope one day to be as prolific as they are. I also wish colleges and art schools gave more attention to artists like Giovanni Tiepolo, Jean Ingres and William Bouguereau.

I feel the Drawing Academy would be an amazing opportunity for me to further advance my artistic ability. I been following the academy for some time now, as I have admired many artists over the past decade. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

In my entry I submitted an oil painting I created on Masonite. My work shows a much younger Mona Lisa. This work took me over a year. I also have a drawing of the portrait I created before I made the painting. If you would like me to submit the drawing instead, please let me know. The painting is currently in my home, and I haven’t tried to sell it.

Thank you!!


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