Art Competition Winners – Summer 2018

Art Competition Winners – Summer 2018

Thank You!

Big thanks to all Drawing Academy Art Competition – Summer 2018 participants. We are also grateful to all supporters, who voted for the winners.

In nominating the winners, we considered how many votes winners have received from other people.

According to the Competition Rules, there are three full Drawing Academy Memberships to be awarded. However, we nominated not 3, but 4 winners!

And the Winners are:

Art Competition Winners – Summer 2018Luisa Patel


“Now that I am in high school, my drawing skills have increased very much. Along the way I have created several art pieces from class and at home, I made some for my friends and teachers. I still feel I want to improve and the Drawing Academy course seems a perfect place to do so. Anything that would improve my skills and make me a more confident artist would be so amazing.”

Art Competition Winners – Summer 2018Ivan Frauci


“I found the Drawing Academy course and immediately understood that this is what I want – a good all-round drawing course where I can learn how to draw figures and portraits. Here’s one of my drawings, I hope after taking the Drawing Academy lessons I will be able to draw people as well.”

Art Competition Winners – Summer 2018Alexandra Druz


“The Drawing Academy site really showed me (the articles about art & art education, especially!) that timeless is always the hot new thing. I consider myself to be a student of life. I have been good at many things, however drawing and painting is a new language for me.”

In addition, Drawing Academy Team also awarded:

Art Competition Winners – Summer 2018Donald Aidala


“I firmly believe that to paint well requires strong foundational drawing skills which the Drawing Academy Course places great emphasis on. I believe that this teaching platform coupled with the genuine desire which I have to learn (I’ve been taking science and math professional development courses most of my life) would be a good recipe for success in art.”

New Drawing Academy Art Competition – Autumn 2018

The new Art Competition cycle will run for 3 months and 3 winners will be awarded with the complete Drawing Academy Course on November 30, 2018.

For your chance to win the Drawing Academy membership, enter the Art Competition

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  1. Ivan Frauci says:

    Thank you so much for giving me the Drawing Academy course! I can’t thank enough all voters who supported me and liked my page! I’m so exited to start learning drawing techniques! Thank you!

  2. Luisa Patel says:

    I am speechless and so grateful – I wanted to win this academy so much and feel overwhelmed and humbled at the same time. Thank you, drawing academy team, thank you my friends and followers for your votes!

  3. Donald Aidala says:

    I wish to thank the Drawing Academy Team and the people who supported my efforts by voting. I’m sure that the Drawing Academy Drawing Course will more than meet my expectations in helping me develop my art skills, and I plan to make the fullest use of all the course has to offer to help me achieve this goal. Thank you all again for affording me this opportunity!

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