Artwork by Luisa Patel

The dreamland

I would like to become a children book illustrator and need good drawing skills.

Even from when I was a kid, I loved art and considered it my passion. Once I moved to New York and went into middle school, my confidence as an artist began to decrease as I started to see all these other artists in my school. I definitely did try my hardest and ending up landing myself in first place at the school art show. Ever since then I started to really believe in my skills again.

Now that I am in high school, my drawing skills have increased very much. Along the way I have created several art pieces from class and at home, I made some for my friends and teachers.

I still feel I want to improve and the Drawing Academy course seems a perfect place to do so. Anything that would improve my skills and make me a more confident artist would be so amazing.

Artwork by Luisa Patel

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