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Classical portrait drawing by Zora

Artwork by Drawing Academy student

This portrait was quite challenging, especially falling shadows on the face, curls and the background. However, previous lessons from the Drawing Academy lesson plan gave me such confidence that I was not in doubt at any moment in the process about being capable of completing this step. With the support and gentle guidance of Drawing academy video lessons as well as discipline, perseverance and attention to detail from my part it seems as if everything is possible. Discipline in completing this task taught me, too, how not to give into comfort also in other fields of life.

I only regret that I did not use thicker paper as you suggested. At some point paper did not accept any graphite any more. I even bought several different pencils only to find out that the very basic office pencil did the job the best. I used HB pencil for this drawing.

Classical portrait drawing by Zora

Graphite pencil on paper

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