Drawing by Pauline O’Brien

Drawing by Pauline O’Brien


Yes! I think I am. Now that I’ve found the Old Masters Academy and the Drawing Academy, I definitely will be able to improve my art. With such precise and concise drawing and painting lessons I believe I will be able to understand the traditional methods and techniques and implement them in my own artwork.

I am 66 years old and I took my retirement 10 years ago. I was a coordinator and surgical assistant in oral surgery. Being a mother of four children and having a very demanding profession I never had time for my personal interests. I always deeply loved drawing and painting.

My interest in art began at a young age. I was always so impressed by portraiture and so amazed by the precision and details of the features of the subjects. How could they draw and paint that way was my question? How could they capture an individual’s true likeness with pencils and brushes?

During the last 10 years, I tried to find my own way in painting. I tried the “wet into wet” technique, portraits in charcoal and oil pastels. Drawing and painting nature and still life has always been also very pleasing to me. I took many courses, but never really found what I was looking for and that was : the real methods of drawing and painting in the traditional way.

I am so thrilled about the Old Masters Academy course of which I am a member now. I feel that I’m really going to learn what I’m missing and that it will help me fulfil my wish of becoming a fine artist. I think that the Drawing Academy will also provide me with great knowledge. At my age I can’t think about a career, but I will be very happy if I can realize personalized drawings and paintings in a classical way.

Winning this course would certainly be a great encouragement to me considering the quality of the applicants in this competition.

Thank you

Drawing by Pauline O'Brien

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