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Drawing by Estefania Alejandra Vega

Art is the finest human expression

I’ve been trying to win this course for a while now! Oops.

I’ve have been paying close attention to the Drawing Academy for over a year now. I’ve been struggling with fighting the worst enemy: myself.

I’ve attached a picture of a drawing I did at least 10 years ago. So you can imagine, it’s been a long time since I don’t draw. Anyways, this image is a copy of a draw, because I don’t really know how to draw from imagination. I’ve never found a place where they teach you absolutely everything you need to know since the beginning, and that’s why I don’t find the strength and always end up dropping it. And I don’t want that anymore.

If I win the course it will change my life in so many ways, of that I’m sure! That’s why I’d really appreciate it if you help me win!


Drawing by Estefania Alejandra Vega

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