Art Competition Winners – Autumn 2017

Art Competition Winners – Autumn 2017

Thank You!

Big thanks to all Drawing Academy Art Competition participants and voters!

In nominating the winners, we considered how many votes winners have received from other people.

And the Winners are:

Artwork by LongkuLongku

I am a self taught trying to learn from internet and a lot of books. Finding Drawing Academy was a good opportunity for me. You offer a knowledge I could learn from a master.

Artwork by Gopi GhoshGopi Ghosh

The fantastic work of Drawing Academy is indeed alluring. I would like to learn drawing and painting, colours and composition, emotions and harmony.

Drawing by A. SAMA. SAM

Growing up with art all around me has really helped in discovering myself. I want to be a full time artist because of the passion I have for art.
I believe everything I need to become a well established artist can be acquired in the Drawing Academy course.

In addition, Drawing Academy Team also awarded:

Artwork by Catherine EdwardsCatherine Edwards

I work on my art whenever I can find the time! I never had any formal training in art, so having access to an in-depth art course that most likely will enhance my current level of art, would be a dream come true.

New Drawing Academy Art Competition – Winter 2017

The new Art Competition cycle will run for 3 months and 3 winners will be awarded with the complete Drawing Academy Course on February 28, 2018.

For your chance to win the Drawing Academy membership, enter the Art Competition

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  1. Catherine Edwards says:

    Dear Mr. London and Ms. Richy,

    I want to thank you both and the Drawing Academy for selecting me as one of the winners in the Autumn 2017 Competition. I am truly honored as there were so many works of art entered in the contest that were outstanding.

    I am looking forward to accessing the three-month course! Thank you, again, for this recognition.

    Cathy Edwards

  2. gopi says:

    Thank you Vladimir and Natalie for honouring me wth this award. I would try my best to learn as much as possible from you Masters. I look forward to this exciting opportunity and a life-time association of the professionals in the academy and beyond.

    my deep sense of gratitude.

    Gopi Ghosh

  3. Marianne says:

    Congratulations to all of you! Welcome to the community and may your artistic expression grow and flourish!

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