Drawing by Dung Tuan Le

Drawing by Dung Tuan Le

My Sunshine

My name is Dung Le(Dylan), and I’m 18. I’m currently enrolling in the University of Rochester.

I have drawn paintings since I was 5, and creating art work has always been a huge interest and passion for me through the years. It takes a lot of time and effort at the beginning when I was too young to know how to draw, but I gradually master the stroke, shading techniques, and how to put my emotions and feelings into the paintings. As I immerse myself further in art, I want to learn more about how to create an art work that is influential and has multi-layer meanings.

Personally, I think Drawing Academy is a great place for people to learn about art and get help in mastering their art techniques. The Academy offers a lot of fun and informative workload that can enhance people level of making art.

The Drawing Academy Course is an renowned contest for art makers and lovers, therefore this is the reason why I want to win the Drawing Academy course.

This painting subject is about the person I used to love but I have slipped the chance with her.

Drawing by Dung Tuan Le

I believe that people, when they look at this picture and read these lines, all have in the mind a silhouette of someone they used to love deeply and ardently, and can recall some of the sweet memories that they and their loves used to share.


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