Artwork by Gopi Ghosh

Artwork by Gopi Ghosh

Nomads of the Thar desert

Hailing from a rural background and having lived a life involving hectic development work from village level coops to the national ministry and onto the UN, I am settled into my twilight years where nature, music, photography and art suddenly become so integral part of my life now. Having lived and travelled in places like Shantiniketan, New Delhi, all over India, and then USA, roamed in the Himalayas and streets of Rome and some of the south east Asian countries, the wonderful variety of people, their lives and culture, the amazing spectrum of nature (terra firm, rivers, ocean, flora, fauna) and the aesthetics now overwhelm me.

I want to capture some of these impressions but feel the need to have good training. I will like to learn drawings and paintings colours and composition moods, emotions and harmony.

The fantastic work of Drawing Academy and Vladimir and his team are indeed alluring as I have seen some of their videos and responses. By winning I want to be confident of my artistic ability as I will then go thru its treasure grove and be a part of its superb legacy.

People will vote for my work- more of its potential to excel further.

Artwork by Gopi Ghosh

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