A Product of Passion

A Product of Passion

My name is Ana Felicia Leon Valdez

I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, but I moved to Florida on October 31st, 2017 due to Hurricane Maria’s strike in Puerto Rico. Since then, life has been full of uphill battles and I conquered them one by one, but I’m happier than I could’ve ever been back in PR.

I started to teach myself how to draw since I was 8 years old, and forever since, art has taken a very important part of my life and of who I am. The idea of being able to illustrate the world around me, to create my world where I could make the rules and boundaries seemed so amazing to me and still does to this day. Art was also a huge way for me to cope with bullying while growing up. I could spend hours just drawing, sketching, and practicing. Drawing and art itself make me happy.

The biggest challenge I’ve always had with art is the lack of guidance and proper training. It was always very difficult to find or afford any type of training in Puerto Rico. I always taught myself by watching youtube videos, reading any books I could find, and practicing for hours every single day during 5-6 years.

I want to learn as many drawing and painting techniques as possible; expanding my knowledge and skills to sell my art.

I think that Drawing Academy could be a gateway to success for my future art goals.

I want to win this course to continue growing in skills and in love for art; I want to become the best artist I can be. Reaching people out there with meaningful artwork as one of my biggest goals.

I believe that the Drawing Academy can help me reach these goals.

People should vote for me because they recognize a dreamer and a go-getter, and I am both of those things, which I think it’s reflected in my artwork. I am willing to go the distance for the things I love and want to achieve, whether it’s for the good of others or my personal growth.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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