Thank you for your great input!

Thank you for your great input!

30 October 2019

Big thanks to all Drawing Academy Survey participants!

We had an overwhelming response and found all your answers very helpful.

We will use your feedback and suggestions to improve our service and provide even better value to all our readers and students.

Thank you!

As promised, we awarded three winners who gave the most useful feedback

And the Winners are:

Jeff Berry

from USA

Here’s what Jeff says:

“Most of my life has focused around different art skills. In the ’80s I composed, played, recorded and published music compositions. In the 90’s I designed, smithed and sold gold, silver and precious stone jewellery creations. This last decade I have been writing.

Throughout it all I have used art media in countless ways and developed a special love for oil painting, wishing at some point to put together all of the fragments of my drawing and painting knowledge into a coherent skill set.

I have two main goals …

First, I would like to be able to illustrate and paint compositions for the books I am writing.

And secondly, I would like to master oil painting techniques to be able to create unique artistic visions founded upon a high skill level.”

Luciano Salomoni

from Brazil

Here’s what Luciano says:

“I live in Brazil and Iā€™m graduated in Design at a local and particular University in 2011. I work as a graphic designer since 2004. When I was a teenager I used to love drawing… But that love about drawing was sleeping, I have always reading and searching articles about drawing for a long time, but without action, just reading (when I found DA). I have postponed my learning until 2 years ago when I decided to get serious about that. So I have started to study by myself with books and some online courses.

I really want to draw what I imagine. I want to put my dreams, the fantastic scenarios/characters I have in my mind on the paper. I also want to illustrate some histories/comics. I think that if you can draw anything realistically you have a kind of power in your hands. The power of explanation, communication, the power of make people visualize anything you want, even the most absurd/fantastic thing. And it will increase my skills in my work (graphic design).”


from Argentina

Here’s what GF says:

“I’m a self-taught generalist who wants to find the truth in art, beauty and nature.

As a child, I used to go to private art teachers, who only instructed me to do what I wanted. Somehow, I managed to get decent at it (or at least I thought I was), by practising and copying what I saw. In design college, I had to take courses on human figure drawing and technical drawing but they were useless. I saw a video on your [Drawing Art Academy] channel once, which explained exactly what I went through: our teachers couldn’t draw properly, they didn’t know how to hold a pencil, and no one knew we had to study human anatomy in order to draw the live model. I eventually grew tired of people wanting to pass but not actually learn and dropped out.

I used to think I was an artist, but I realized that being better than those around me didn’t exactly make me good, and sometimes I’m not even sure of how to justify why something is or isn’t art. For the moment, I just want to be able to draw and paint proficiently.”

Dear Jeff, Luciano and GF,

Please enjoy your Drawing Academy membership and share your experience with us.

To your creative success,

Vladimir London and Natalie Richy
Drawing Academy tutors

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  1. Luciano Salomoni says:

    Thanks very much. I’m so happy and grateful for joining the course!
    Let’s study now, I have a long road ahead! Thanks again DA team!

  2. Jeff Berry says:

    Dear Natalie and Vladimir,

    Wow! What a treat!
    Thank you so very much for this wonderful opportunity.
    Happy Halloween and Celtic New Year!
    I am digging through my stored away art supplies right now.
    Maybe I won’t go to sleep tonight :)

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