A dream of mine

A dream of mine

Story and artwork from Catherine Bass

I am an art student from Chicago. The year I was admitted to my school I had only been drawing for one year and was still unclear as to the kind of artist I wanted to be. It was only after my first semester that I discovered a burning desire to learn the language of classical art. Unfortunately my school is highly conceptual and doesn’t place much value or emphasis on the fundamentals. In fact, many of my professors have expressed the sentiment that realism isn’t true art. I quickly realized that my university was incapable of giving me the instruction I needed to become a classical painter. I knew I had to take my education into my own hands. I began watching youtube videos and visiting museums, viewing and emulating the techniques of old masters.

I stumbled upon this online course and was eager to apply. I resonate with Drawing Academy’s mission to train students in the classical tradition and to help them improve their drawing skills. I need guided instruction and clear structure and I believe Drawing Academy can provide this. I am not without discipline. All I need is the mentorship.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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