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Vita artist

Drawing Academy review by Ezra

Paper and pencil, that was 3 months ago. Paper, pencil, thinking, and planning, through time and knowledge, now there’s more to art than just markings on paper. I was nowhere near a “good artist” and I still am, but the difference to where I was before is that I know well enough what I am aiming for.

There is a long list of change after finishing the course, really, the amount of information this course gave me is so overwhelming and at the same time very helpful, with three months I have seen improvement on how I do portraits than I used to, I approach them now with more better technicality. Especially with the rendering and proportions, once you keep on practicing it slowly becomes natural and this helped a lot with my job as a portrait artist.

I never had any formal training in this field, for that reason, I’m very grateful to have the Drawing Academy course as my first formal art education. I think the direct benefit I had is that I no longer see art as just a simple hobby, it feeds my confidence as an artist and I take it more seriously now. And I personally feel the fun in it more now that I see there is a wide scope of art knowledge I will encounter.



“Invest on your art journey”, not just on your art materials, but more importantly on your art knowledge and skills. On my part, winning this course for free is already the highlight of my year, I send my heartfelt gratitude to Vladimir and Natalie for giving me this precious opportunity. To everyone who needs the right and best quality of art education, this course is very worth it. Win or pay for it, it is worth more than what you paid for or vote for.

Thank you very much and this!

Ezra Brosoto
Drawing Academy Art Competition winner

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