5 Ways to get over a creative block

5 Ways to get over a creative block

Article from Luca Molnar

From time to time we all experience creative blocks, these can be some of the hardest times for an artist and it happens to all of us. Even if you don’t have such a problem at the moment, you might have in the future but either way being more creative can’t hurt. In this article I will show you 5 methods to be more creative and get back to creating right away.


1. Go hiking
If you can, go and take a walk in the woods or on the fields, if you can’t then go to the nearest park and let your problems fly away. Get out of your house and spend sometime in the nature, take the time to notice every flower, tree and cloud. Let it feel your heart with joy! After all it’s springtime, one of the most beautiful times of the year, don’t miss out! Maybe take a camera or your phone with you and snap some pictures along the way, this way you can remember every inspiring detail you have found.

2. Read a book
But not just any book! If you feel really uninspired and can’t think of anything you want to paint or draw, then please don’t read art books. Reading books about great artists will probably just make you feel even more miserable. Instead of getting yourself depressed, free your mind and read something fresh. For example read a book about a tribe, hippies or some old fairytales. Enter into another world let your mind have a little vacation. After an hour or so you will be full of ideas, trust me.

3. Take a little time off
This one can be really tricky. While it is good to take a few days off, it can easily become a few months and you will feel even worse than you did before. Take 2 or 3 days off and do anything you like, but don’t get off the track. After a few days get back to creating. The thing is that if you stop working because you feel uninspired and it goes on for a long time, then after a few months you will be literally scared of a pencil or brush and you will be too afraid to creating anything. Conquering that fear is much worse then getting over your creative block in a few days.


4. Watch interviews
This method is useful and fun at the same time! When you are experiencing a creative block, you most likely don’t feel very passionate about anything, so watching passionate people talk about their art can only help. Just go to YouTube and watch some interviews with your favorite painter, writer, musician or actor. It’s a great way to learn more about famous artists and get inspired at the same time.

5. Pinterest
This one probably sounds strange, but it’s very effective. For those of you who are not familiar with Pinterest, it is basically a site full of inspiring pictures. Spending an evening just looking at interesting pictures is one of the best things to do and it’s never a waste of time. It’s so easy to find inspiration on Pinterest, I usually end up having so many ideas that my only problem is deciding which one I want to complete.

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