Youthful Beauty

Youthful Beauty

Story and artwork from Paulette Rozwood

Can an artist succeed without academic training? Yes, I have! I consider myself a successfully self-taught artist. Not many people believe that you can teach yourself to do amazing things. Hello, my name is Paulette, and I didn’t like that name in high school. No one could remember it. “Paula” was what everyone had on their mind. But now I have grown to like “Paulette” not just my name but also myself and what I do. And that is being creative artistically. Besides making beautiful art pieces, I also do photography, which is my bread-and-butter professional job but in my spare time I paint.

Coming up with a good drawing is sometimes a challenge and I will have to erase and do it over a few times before it seems ready to tackle with paint. It is very important to have a good drawing when starting a composition, believe me I know. If the perspective or proportions are off the painting will be off and it will need redoing or trashed. So that is why I would like to take the drawing course.

I believe the Drawing Academy will have good sound advice and comprehensive instruction that will further advance my artistic knowledge and advance me to the next level. I am waiting to go to the next level so please vote for me.
Thank you.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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