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Young Malevola

Young Malevola

Story and artwork from Thauan Silva

Currently I study alone and wanting to learn to draw was a snowball. I didn’t want to take the learning to high levels, but every day I want to know a little more and consequently I changed my mind, out of passion for art. What I see of beauty around me, I want to draw, it calms me down. Currently my challenge is to be the judge of myself, learning alone makes you want to be honest about the quality of what you produce and I think it helps with your critical sense, to know if I need to improve before I need to recognize that something is not good enough. Initially I wanted to learn how to make portraits, but little by little creating a scene has won me over, being able to convey a piece of history in an image.

I found the Drawing Academy by chance, and so I’ve been following their instructional articles, and some tips seem rigid like “you shouldn’t smudge the pencil with your finger” but it’s things like this that help me improve and have a stance on how to complete a good drawing. I would like to win because I believe that many around here are still unable to buy the course, having access for free would be the greatest help I could have at the moment in relation to progress as an artist. People should vote for me not because they think I’m the best, but because I’ll know how to take advantage of the opportunity, the Academy does its part, and a good student does his, which is studying and being interested.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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