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Window to the soul

Window to the soul

Story and artwork from Elana Kippen

Hello, my name’s Elana! I found it very hard to express my feelings, so I channelled them all into my drawings.

I wanted to study physics at university but I’m giving it up for art. My dream is to master all aspects of art, but my parents have an irregular income and can’t financially support me to take art classes.

I’m currently not receiving any art education. I’m pursuing an art career, but it’s so competitive that I might struggle without having proper training. I was so inspired when I found the Drawing Academy, because looks like it breaks down every single aspect of drawing in a clear pathway. I’m aiming to draw at a professional level and become as good as the masters one day.

I currently study for around 7 hours per day and then have 2 hours left for art. However, I can spend all day on art after my exams. How much could I improve when I can finally spend 9 hours EVERY DAY on art? It excites me that I could finally become a pro!

The Drawing Academy would help me immensely in making it possible for me to fulfil my art dream and capture other people’s dreams and emotions in my work.

If I had fluency in the drawing fundamentals, I’d go wild and manifest my imagination through drawings that reflect my inner self, which is impossible for me to express when talking to people.

I’d be extremely grateful if you could support me on my art journey by voting for me. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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