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The perfect shade of Red

The perfect shade of Red

Story and artwork from Melani Cara


I will start by telling a little bit about myself, I am a young artist with a very big interest in realism. I am also a big fan of art that tells a story. What type of story does your art tell?
Being able to tell and create a story is crucial for me and through art I can do just that! Art is my way of expressing myself and my way of talking without opening my mouth.

I have been taking the time to learn realism but I still have a long way to go. There is something beautiful about being able to catch and draw the small little details that make a person unique, or an animal, or an artifact. I want to learn to draw realism better, I want to push my limits and be the artist I always dreamed of being.

When I checked out the Drawing Academy I thought that it was perfect. It was everything I ever searched for, and to make it even better, it gives an opportunity to those who can’t possibly pay to learn. So I am very grateful for the opportunity. Thank you Drawing Academy.

Before getting into why people should vote for me I want to talk about my drawing. It was inspired by the character Alone (as Hades) from the anime Saint Seiya: The lost canvas. I always loved the concept of the perfect shade of red. And it is seen in many shows and movies such as this anime and Alice in Wonderland (the red queen). Thinking about what the color Red symbolizes in these two shows (movie) it (most likely) represents blood. The perfect shade of Red is the shade of blood. And there is an obsession with this color. It’s just a little thought and this is why I decided to draw this character with this concept. It’s all just interesting.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this, I would really appreciate and forever be grateful if you could vote for me. Art is my future and my only focus at the moment, and all I wish is to learn how to get better in doing what I love the most. Thank you so very much, I would really appreciate your vote!

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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