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Story and artwork from Ariel Schneier

Hi, my name is Ariel Schneier. I grew up in a small town surrounded nature and with a strong connection to all kinds of art. I was always looking at the world around me and thinking and training to transfer it to a 2 dimension surface.
Art has been part of my life since I can remember my self ,from a very young age I had a strong passion for drawing, and I drew almost every day; however, only when I was 25 years old I started painting with oil colors. It happened when I started to learn in the J.s.s (Israel Hershberg). After 2 years of studying there I had a strong feeling that I need to walk away from painting and drawing and do other things.

I left the field of art for almost 10 year’s, tried all kind of works, never really found myself until I reached a point that I decided to try working with dogs. I started by walking with them. it went extremely well, and from there I found my self building a pension (boarding house for dogs) and I also took a dog training course which I finished very well. This days, my dogs are my only source of income, but I’m planning to teach painting and drawing privet lessons as well.

During those years, I was always thinking about art and appreciating art (mainly through the internet) but I wasn’t doing any art work of my one. Any way, at a certain point I won a scholarship for one year of studies at the “Hatchana Academy” (Aram Geshuni and David Nipo), and more or less since than I’m back on track.

I really hope that I have a chance to win this wonderful program, it could be Avery big and important help for me and a great joy. I sincerely very grateful for this opportunity!

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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