Always looking to improve through education

Always looking to improve through education

Story and artwork from Melissa Sink

I am an artist that dabbles in many mediums including in tattoo art (licensed in the state I live). Art is a constant in my life and I am always wanting not only brush up on what I have learned previously, but also look for new ways to bring my work to the more realistic side instead of illustrative. I am currently trying to get my art to the level of being able to do color portraiture and just find my own style within tattooing. I have just recently picked up oil painting as a way to build my knowledge and transfer what I learn there to my tattooing.

I like that Drawing Academy seems to not only teach the basics, but perhaps may give a different way to refine and build from those skills to more realistic or believable imaginative work. With all of the closures for my industry, times are hard and I want to take advantage of the extra time to boost my art skills and ultimately produce better art through learning, this is why I would love to win the drawing academy course.

People should vote for me because I love what I do and only wish to improve. The tattoo industry has been hit very hard this past year and I cannot afford extra learning opportunities in this down time. Learning keeps my mind sharp and helps me to produce better work in the living canvas.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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