What it takes

What it takes

Story and artwork from Mark Boone

I live in a small town in North Carolina that not much comes out of. Art has always been a passion of mine but finding educational resources to pursue it is harder than it sounds when you’re young and surrounded by seemingly endless farms and dead end jobs. My biggest challenge in art is that I want to pursue it but sometimes it can be expensive to keep buying art supplies for a passion that gives nothing in return since no one here appreciates art the way I do. I want to learn how to paint and draw like the old greats so I can maybe be a somebody and make a name for myself in this small town.

Drawing Academy is a beautiful page with artistic skills shown on it like I’ve never seen before that sparked a new joy within me! I had been contemplating buying the course but school is where all my money goes now a days. Winning the Drawing Academy course would mean the world to me and allow me to pick up on my dream to be a successful and profitable artist! I can’t convince you to vote for me, but if you do, just know that none of this gift will go to waste and I will appreciate this generosity to the fullest!

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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