Portrait of My Student

Portrait of My Student

Story and artwork from Rajakumar M

I am Rajakumar, born and brought up from one of the slums of north Chennai located in the southern region of India and learned sculpture at the GCFA Chennai. I always love to teach drawing to my neighbourhood kids (almost 50kids) for free in my free time.

For me, doing art is like being in meditation. We are all doing it without being aware of it. I always wanted to be a great artist but remain a technician.

I always like to understand things as an original and authentic way of teaching and learning anything and everything. Similarly, I was greatly interested in human anatomy and original and authentic ways of studying art. I have read different books on art and anatomy, but no luck was in vain. Over a while, I forgot whatever I practised. I want to learn Human Anatomy and watercolour, not less than the benchmarks of a great artist.

When I got to know about Drawing Academy courses, I carefully read and analysed all of the content on their website and the articles/videos/posts. It took almost 6months for me to conclude that Drawing Academy is the best Art institution in the world when it comes to teaching classical art anatomy/life drawing/watercolour and so on.

Why should you vote for me? I want to learn the purest and authentic form of art, which is essential for me, to prepare my students. My neighbourhood kids cannot afford even a formal school education.

I would request you o help the kids to learn a better way of teaching the drawing by voting for me. Thanks!

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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