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Watercolor by Jean-Pierre Missistrano

Jean-Pierre Missistrano at the Drawing Academy

My name is Jean-Pierre Missistrano.

I am at the end of my professional medical career, I am a masseur-physiotherapist that I have been practicing for over 40 years in France, where I live, also as “therapeutic art”, even reimbursed by the social security.
Art is essential in my life, I even think it’s a “lifestyle”.

Art is the primary expression of the human being, it is his way of speaking, watching, writing, listening, doing, drawing.

Man may have even drawn before the language ???

Painting, especially watercolor today, occupies a prime place. It allows me to recover from the fatigue linked to the permanent confrontation with the disease, the aging of others and my implication in this respect. At the same time, at the beginning of the week, it allows me to show my patients, my “work” of the W-E, which is also good for them, even if they do not always have the words to say it.

My challenge with art, today and yesterday, is to improve myself, to try to master a little better, this infinity of fundamental techniques, that we always improve by working, learning more, reflecting more, by constantly bringing a new look.

This is what I come to look at the Drawing Academy, which offers a serious course, powerful, innovative, international, online, with excellent tutoring, high level.

Why do I want to win the contest? Because I’m here and it’s to win. And then, also because to be admitted to a great school, in the classical tradition, that they are scientific, artistic, it is also to pass the entrance examination, which means that one is worthy of the school.

What I also like is that the selection is democratic. We propose our work and if it pleases, if it wins the maximum of votes it is worth it.

Watercolor by Jean-Pierre Missistrano
“Couchez-vous, tout rouge !”. (“Lie down, all red!”). Watercolor. 75x39cms. Arches paper. 300g. Rough.


Jean-Pierre Missistrano

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