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Artwork by Arpine Sargsyan

Artwork by Arpine Sargsyan

I am an Instructor of English at the University. I am 42 years old. I have been painting for two months. I started it as a try for a hobby. I am in love with painting. It opened a whole new world for me. I don’t take any classes in art as I don’t manage because of my busy day at the University.

I always paint at night, when I can afford time. I try to learn from online sources, but they are not in correct arrangement and I feel I need an organised course. I want to learn anything in art. Drawing academy fascinated me, because of the openness it explains something. The art pieces discussed are amazing.

I want to win this course, because what is explained, it is done in the way I understand, I want to try, I want to prove for myself. and these instructions help me to show my emotions in paintings. I have tried your tutorial about glazing! Thank you. It’s an amazing technique! I feel professionalism when following your tutorials.

I think, If people would like to help somebody, who is madly in love with art, and wants a chance to learn more about it, they will vote for me. Maybe, They will give me a chance to believe in my abilities and enjoy the great excitement of painting. The piece that I present here is one of my first works and it is the river of my childhood, a place, where I learned many things about life and nature. Thank you all!

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