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Artwork by Marie Ange


Hello dear friends. Its Marie once Ange again.

After competing twice and not getting a place into the academy I gave up and vowed to NEVER try again.

However a few days ago a dear friend encouraged me to try once again. I realized that giving up my dream of becoming a world famous artist through the academy’s help would be betraying the trust that hundreds of street children and orphans have placed in me as an artist who give them hope and encouragement as I reach out to them weekly through my art.

I thank all who voted for me in the last art academy competition.

Though I didn’t win to be part of the academy the last two times I still have my dream in front of my eyes.

That dream is to learn drawing from a world famous academy so that I can in turn teach art to the many talented street children whom my husband and reach out to each week. We have established art clubs across the city streets of Nairobi and rescue centres and through art these children and young people can have a better livelihood.

Through art therapy many are getting off drugs too.

Also through selling my art I can support our feeding, accommodation, education and reintegration programs of the street children and families.

I’ve done the portrait above to say thank you to my dear friend who has encouraged me to try getting into the art academy again.

My joining the academy will also help me do better drawings, which can sell better to support our work.

I don’t have much time left in the competition but through your help I will win this time.

Together, we can make this dream come true.

Please vote, vote, vote.

Artwork by Marie Ange

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  1. Gitata isaka says:

    Your story is very inspiring and encouraging.Your not giving up is an encouragement to me and to many others,to always chase after their dreams.
    I wish you all the best in this competition.

  2. Ajibulu says:

    Your story is so inspiring and encouraging, I pray you enjoy God’s favour and also wish you all the best. Thank you for sharing.

    • marie ange says:

      Thank you so much!yes l really enjoy God’s favor this time and looking forward for His work in my competition.thank you for your encouragement! And your support!

    • marie ange says:

      Thank you Ajibulu for your praying for your words of encouragement. May the favor of God be upon me.He knows why l need this courses!

  3. Pastor Cyrus says:

    So much inspired and great encouragement to many…
    There’s power to succeed that lies within ourselves when we push forward and dont give up even in the tmes of failures. So encouraging. God’s favor on you marie

  4. lovako says:

    Marie Ange, You’ve made a very good run and have inspired many with your persistence to compete again and again.Even if you may not win this competition, You’ve already won a place in the hearts of many art lovers and fans who have celebrated your spirit of resilience.
    I wish you all the best in your life of art. Never give up on love fe, girl.

  5. Paula says:

    Nice work, and congratulations. You are doing wonderful things with your art. May I ask what medium did you produce the piece in? Pencil? Paint?

  6. Isaac says:

    Marie Ange,
    Congratulations for winning the art competition.
    As you start the academy,be strong and bold,knowing that challenges will come your way to make you NOT complete the course.Keep the same focus you had in the competition. PERSIST through the challenges and obstacles and keep your eyes on the closing line. Remember you have a very big following of boys and girls, who look up to you to inspire them in art. DONT forget your dream girl, as you shared in the first competition attempt.
    I will surely keep you accountable.

    All the best.

  7. gitata isaka says:

    Hello Marie Ange,
    I hope you are continuing well with your drawing academy course.
    As I promised I will keep you accountable to the many boys and girls who look up to you in art and to the many you voted for your win.
    Keep on pushing yourself even if the going gets tough.
    You will surely graduate and enter into the hall of the victorious drawing academy alumni.
    Keep going dream girl.The dream is just about to become real.

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