Unknown colours

Unknown colours

Story from Catherin

My name is Catherin, and I attend high school. When I’m stressed, art helps me relax. Making art helps me to unwind. Values and colour theory are difficult for me. And I’m not really sure where to begin with an oil painting. These are among the things I want to learn. In order to create better portraits in my drawings and paintings, I wish to study more about human anatomy. I believe Drawing Academy will aid me in achieving these objectives.

I’ve seen a few of the Drawing Academy’s YouTube videos, and they were really helpful.

In order to improve my artistic abilities, I wish to win the Drawing Academy course. Additionally, I hope to pursue a career in design and the creative arts, and I believe that with this course, my foundation will be better established.

Please vote and share if you want to help me realise this modest ambition of mine and become a great artist.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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