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Story from Nicoletta Dominelli

My story can seem weird or common, “as you like it. It begins with a passion that I could have followed; I liked drawing so much since I was a little shy girl, but as it happens many times, you chose to follow other’s expectations. until one day when I choose to rewrite my path, after a surgery, I decided to recall my passion and give it new form and life. After a secondary an university degrees, after many Masters, I thought that I could restart all again. I took a new degree in art school and began new courses and university for deepening my knowledge and my skills. I can admit so many defects in myself but I can describe myself as headstrong, dreamer and hangry. I’m hungry for knowledge and learning. That’s why I’m trying to do this here.

Art takes place in all my life, looking at beauty in the world, imagining and creating new vision, I need art to tell new stories or ancient, maybe, but in fact I need art to give voices.

I think that in my art there are many challenges, not only to improve my technique, but also and above all to master the expression, to get better my skills to communicate my vision and my feelings to others.

that’s what I want to learn and achieve, absorbing all teachings from Masters and feeding myself to improve.

I think that Drawing Academy is the right place where I can amend myself and coping my insecurity.

I want to win to give me new opportunities, I want to win to bring out my voice.

I think that people should vote for me because I’m a dreamer, and all dreamers deserve to win.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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