The seed concealed inside

The seed concealed inside

Story and drawing from María Rosario Labado

My name is Rosario. I never thought that I would enrol on an art competition before. I have always liked drawing and painting, but I have never considered taking lessons with a professor. But, for the last year, I received drawing classes at school. With the guide of my teacher, I have learnt lots of techniques and helpful tools. I reached a much better level and discovered that I could draw things that without an instructor or by my self would seem impossible. He taught me how to correctly use the pencil, the proportions of the head, taking measures and drawing portraits.

I conceive that art is something that is beauty concealed inside; everyone carries on their soul a little seed of art at least—they may not know they have it, they only need a good teacher to discover and make it grow.

I want to improve the techniques to use the right proportions, to draw realist portraits, to learn from pictures of old masters, to acquire their methods and use them naturally. I still have a long way to go and practice, but I am sure that Old Masters Academy would show me the way.

Old Masters Academy is that good teacher that I mentioned above. It discovers the hidden seed of art of many people, makes it grow strong, and guides it to reach all its potential and truthful beauty.

I think winning the Drawing Academy course is a unique opportunity to learn, to create more professional my drawings, and to grow that seed of art. Besides, the fact that I do not know if I could pay for such a great art school (I am the eldest of nine children).

It is an honour to present my work in this competition, even if I do not win it. Please vote for me and help me gain this exceptional opportunity.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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