The old and the beautiful!


Story and artwork from Nino

I am a realist in life and especially in art. The minute details in an object person or place is what makes it special.

When I paint I put myself in close contact with the subject so as not to miss what makes it so special.

Portraits are the most challenging to me as details they consist of is what makes them so special to me and those who view them.

I want to paint like the old masters did, soft yet without question who it is.

The Drawing Academy takes this approach as I have seen some of their lessons.

Winning the course is obvious as it would allow me to get advise and guidance from what I feel are professionals in my chosen art field.

I have passion for art and it has driven me for over 50 years to paint. Now I need that final detail to complete my passion for painting!

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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