Journey through the Art Way

Journey through the Art Way

Story and artwork from Pragitya Praket

My name is Pragitya Praket and I hail from India. I am an art geek who wish to combine his art with science in order to help this world achieve better endurance and prosperity.

By the time I was 6 I started noticing that I was able to copy the patterns of my surroundings into my notebooks. That was the beginning of all this. My burning desire to become the greatest artist like Leonardo da Vinci, Michael Angelo and Raphael. I would trace every thing possible into my notebooks. Sometimes I was so busy that I even forgot to eat, play, sleep. My Homework s would go on pending and pending. I would think of nothing but art. However Every thing was fine until I turned 13.

This was the turning point of my life, even though I copy exactly the same from my surroundings, even though all my relatives friends and family members used to appreciate me for my work, I still felt a deep sense of hollowness in my art. I have always hesitated to call my self an Artist.What I used to call as talent, it came out to be a mere skill of copying. Till now I haven’t won any kind of drawing competition, why?

Because I lack the ability to draw from Imagination, I don’t even know the ‘D’ of Drawing.As the Old Masters say “An artist draws from his mind and not from his hands” Just copying isn’t enough. I have to learn how to draw from Imagination, how to draw from life.

We young generation are blessed to have Unique platforms life Drawing Academy. I searched the whole internet from YouTube to tor. But nowhere found a course that suited my skill. Until I found this one. Its the best opportunity for me to acquire.

First of all I would like to thank the whole drawing community and especially Drawing Academy for organising such competition for people like me. With Exceptionally talented teachers such as Vladimir London and Natalie Richy. It is like a pupil’s dream come true to be taught by such guiders.I want to win this course because I want to pave my way through art. I want to win this competition so that I can call myself an ‘Artist’. I want to win this competition so that I can achieve my goals in art and science.
Apples are red, Berrys Blue.

If I want to turn my dream into reality, I need all of you. At last I would request to my viewers for vote if possible. If you think that I am capable enough to achieve my goal.

Please help me to acquire the knowledge and skills of Art.

I wish all the best to the Whole Art Community and especially Drawing Academy.

May you take over the world of art some day.


I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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