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Story and artwork from Mithilesh Routhu

Story and artwork from Mithilesh Routhu

Hi, I’m Mithilesh from India. I am an unemployed engineering graduate finding passion in art. Clearly it was never a career choice for me because I was always passionate towards art. I was first fascinated by art when I was a kid watching cartoons and wondered how these cartoons were made so expressively with emotions. Gradually I started drawing cartoon characters and slowly developed observational drawing yet I realized I lack a lot in anatomy and drawing characters from life, I lacked perfection with textures and shading techniques.

I would like to perfect my work in human anatomy as well as shading techniques.

I think Drawing Academy has best instructional video on the old masters techniques and best teaching videos available for life drawing anatomy etc. I am looking forward to benefit the most from this course if I win this and would achieve most in my work with this course.

If you think I deserve this course please vote for me. Your vote means a lot, thank you !

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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