Story from Sherifat Osumah

Story from Sherifat Osumah

When No One Believes in You….Believe in Yourself

Hi! I’m Sherifat. I’m 15 years old. I enjoy reading various genres of books, learning new languages (currently Korean), being a Track sprinter (We’re going to championships!), cooking, and writing short stories.

I’ve drawn since I was a child (like almost every artist ever). I used to fill up notebooks with drawings during reading time in elementary schools. The other students loved to watch over my shoulders. I even taught another student how to draw and sold one of my notebooks of drawings for 20 dollars (I asked for $5 though, they insisted on $20). I always wanted to be an artist who sells art and makes it for a living since before I can remember. On weekends, I would sit at the dining table and make miniature houses out of Popsicle sticks or paper. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t do some form of art.

Story from Sherifat Osumah

Once I completed my required drawing classes in high school, I realized that I had trouble drawing objects and people how I wanted. I didn’t understand this because I was always praised for my artwork, but I never felt I deserved because I myself never liked them. Soon after completed those drawing classes I researched various ways to learn art techniques and that’s when I stumbled across Drawing Academy. I absolutely wanted the course right away, but there was only one problem in my way: the price. It’s not that the course was expensive, it’s just that I could only pay with a card (I’m 15, I don’t have one) which only my parents have. My parents nor the rest of my family supported me when I told them I wanted to make a living selling art (paintings, drawings, and models of towns/buildings). But, I don’t care that they don’t support because I know I will regret it for life if I listen to them. I was depressed for some time because each day that passed I knew I could’ve spent it increasing my art skills, but I just couldn’t pay for the course and my parents wouldn’t either. I knew I could write articles, but I didn’t want to wait that long for them to be reviewed and uploaded. But, I finally stumbled upon this option of winning the Drawing Academy course.

In art, I want to learn how to draw landscapes, architecture, humans, and animals. I also want to learn about human anatomy and how to add architectural elements to buildings to make them visually appealing. I also want to learn oil painting. On my own time with a different course, I’m learning how to design models of homes the way architect would.

I used to teach myself art techniques through YouTube videos and blogs, but Drawing Academy was definitely different from all of them. The common thread between all the YouTube artists’ was to learn by copying the Old Master, however, they never showed how one must go about doing that. That’s where Drawing Academy stood out from among the rest. I never heard of such topics as “How to Properly Set Up Your Drawing Space” or “Golden Proportion” until I came across Drawing Academy. I never knew that the Old Masters learned these skills or that it would be beneficial for any artist to know. Drawing Academy is more thorough and more concerned about its students being equipped with the drawing.

I want to win the Drawing Academy course because not being able to draw whatever I imagined has always irked me. I would come up with these beautiful scenes in my head and I could write them in words but never draw them on paper and that’s where I got frustrated. I believe that Drawing Academy can help me accomplish this.

I don’t have any sobs stories or any extremely special reason for people to vote for me. I’m just a kid who really wants to be able to draw whatever it is that pops into my head and who has desired taking this course for months now.

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  1. Julienne Richer says:

    Hello Sherifat,
    You are young, with a great interest in the arts. I am sure you will succeed. Your drawing is very nice and it’s only the beginning of a great adventure. You’re already an artist.I hope you win.

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