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Strange Art

Strange Art

Article by Andrew Campbell

Art is something that we all enjoy. In some cases, art leaves an audience wondering just what was on the artist’s mind when they created their masterpiece. Today we will look at weird art that has kept people wondering through the years.

Strange Art

The Scream by Edward Munch

Edward Munch made a strange painting that has confused museum paintings for some time now.

Known as “The Scream”, this painting features a surreal agonized person, standing on a bridge with hands grasping his/her head, with mouth wide open.

Many have been led to speculate exactly what this character is agonized about, though most likely it was the artist expressing his views about life and nature through his art.

“The Scream” is one of the most iconic paintings of the expressionist art world.

strange art

The Crucifixion

Medieval paintings occasionally have had certain objects in the sky portion of the painting that just don’t seem to belong. A Fresco, painted in 1350 named “The Crucifixion”, features objects in the sky which some will say are unidentified flying objects, each with a “pilot”. Dennis Geronimus, associate professor of Italian Renaissance art and chair of the Department of Art History at New York University says that the objects are simply the sun and the moon, personified.

strange art

Art Eggcident

Has anyone ever conceived of what it would look like if God threw eggs down at us?

Dutch artist Henk Hefstra dis just that, with eight 100 foot eggs on a street in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands.

This quirky installation shows eight sunny side up eggs in an area of the city.

The display naturally is best viewed from the air or a skyscraper. The display in called the “Art Eggcident”.

strange art

Gunther Von Hagens, Plastination

One bizarre and ghoulish artist takes are to the extreme. His name is Gunther Von Hagens. This German artist, if you can call him that, uses actual human body parts and a process that he invented called “plastination” to create his bizarre artwork.

Art does not need to have a form, well not exactly. An artist named Berndnaut Smilde creates what he calls cloud art indoors, using a smoke machine. It might seem easy doing this, but there is much more to it than just making a puff of smoke. Good art creates a mood. One thing is for certain this artist will never stop running out of inspiration with every cloud’s being different. Some photographers will do the same with objects out of doors and natural clouds joined together.

Strange Art

Cloud art

One famous sculpture in Nuremberg, Germany has stood for centuries and is called the fountain of the seven virtues. It is a series of iron statues with one at the top, with water pouring out of each statue. It is a sight to behold there in Nuremberg and is doubtless photographed countless times, standing through storms and war, seasons and rust.

Strange Art

The fountain of virtues, Nuremberg

Art does not have to be huge. Sometimes it can be very small, such as with chip art. The computer era has led to the creation of this peculiar form of art, where computer chips are used as a canvas, by artists seeking an unconventional means of expressing themselves.

These expressions of art have been found on chips that were inside working computers. Apparently some people just like the thrill of doing the artwork, knowing that it is unlikely anyone will ever see it. It could be inside your computer. This definitely is not standard wall art.

In the final analysis, art is in the eye of the beholder just as they say beauty is.

strange art

Glasses left in a museum

A teenager has been pranking visitors to the San Francisco Museum of Modern art by leaving behind ordinary objects such as a baseball cap and a pair of glasses, fooling visitors to the museum into believing that this is art done by a master.

It all depends on your perspective sometimes. Some may call a crucifix in a jar of urine art, while others may call it a blasphemy. Once again, it all depends on your perception.

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