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Portrait by Jasmin, Drawing Academy student

Portrait by Jasmin, Drawing Academy student

Head of Venus – First attempt

After being a member of the Drawing Academy for so long, I finally found the courage to start practicing methods of classical drawing.

I had this bust of Venus at home and chose it as my subject.

Portrait by Jasmin, Drawing Academy student

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  1. Drawing Academy says:


    Many thanks for your drawing, it is very good, well done.

    There are few small things you may double check:

    – The distance between eyes should be a bit bigger. According to classical cannons, it is equal to the width of an eye.

    – The eyelids have thickness, depicting which helps to make eyes more realistic.

    – If you draw two horizontal lines, one through the bottom edges of ears and another though eyebrows, you would see that these lines are not quite parallel to each other in your drawing.

    – The nose is a bit too long. The actual distance between the upper edge of the wing of a nose and the lower edge of the eye-socket is about one centimeter. You can check it in a mirror :)

    There are other things that can be improved, but all these points are very minor and do not influence the overall look of this portrait drawing.

    Once again, thank you for your wonderful artwork

    Best regards,

    • Jasmin says:

      Thank you! I really appreciate your feedback and can see now the points you’ve mentioned. This is very helpful!

  2. Tom Bolt says:

    Well, certainly someone is achieving. Personally I am beginning to believe that I have made a big mistake in persuing this fantasy. I have some nice drawings, or I think so, but now. Seeing other students. I cannot say the course is not worth it, the course certainly seems to be effective for some, especially if one has an inkling of skill but some, as my self specifically, should not fool ourselves. I think my fantasy is bigger than I imagined. I struggle and fight with the Contrapposto pose. Every time I attempt it I continue to get the same ol thing. “If you always do what you have always done you always get what you’ve always got.” Part of me wants to say adue and add this up as one of my long series of mistakes, yet there is a glimmer that is desparate to hold on.
    Jasmin, kudos to you. May you be blessed with further success and improvement

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